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What is a Villa Complex?

Villa complexes are usually small housing developments, consisting of two to twenty houses ranging in size from two-bedroom to four-bedroom.  

We like villa complexes, because (for the most part) they already exist, and are thus move-in ready.  Our group is not interested in building from scratch.  Also, villa complexes are smaller than the usual cohousing communities, especially in the United States, where the average size is over 25 households.  We are not opposed to a greater size; it's just that we are anxious to move to Greece, and a villa complex of five to eight units will get us there all the quicker.  In fact, if the current number of members holds, we are already half-way to the the magic number (of eight households). Now is the time to join us, since before long we will close the membership.










What does a villa complex look like?

Here are a few examples.  We are only looking at finished developments on Crete, since this is where the group, as presently constituted, prefers to settle.  We do not intend to build or remodel.  That, frankly, is just too much work!  Now, the village complexes below range in size from small to very small.  But the list will give you an idea of what we are considering.,3485.php,3024.php

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