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Where will we locate ourselves? The answer is about twenty minutes from Chania, in the beautiful village of Armenoi (in the Aporkoranas region.) Chania is one of the two largest cities on Crete, and home to an international airport with good connections to Europe and the rest of the world.  The village is about a five-minute car drive to the beach at Kalves.  Armenoi is a small village, with huge trees, a classic Othodox church, several tavernas, and a fantastic bakery!  Oh, yes, and there is a creek that runs through the center.  Utterly charming. 

Our plan is to buy houses in, or near, Armenoi, and to integrate ourselves as fully as possible into the village and its community life.

If principle, our cohousing group can grow to any size, as long as there are houses to buy in Armenoi.  

What, then, makes us a cohousing group?  It comes down to the relationships we have with each other.  We are friends.   And we plan to do the usual "cohousing thing" and share common meals at least once or twice a week.  You can join our group at any time.  We welcome newcomers!

Finally, although most of us plan on living in the village most of the year, we have no objection to members who wish to rent out their houses for periods of time.  That's up to you.  But we do want you to encourage you to consider Greece your permanent home. 


(US) 801 850 8842


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